HackathonNew Seed participated in TechCrunch Hackathon 2015 in London the 5-6 of December. The rules where simple: create a whole new product in about 20 hours, all code must be written during the competition.

From New Seed we where a four member team who worked hard the whole night with our idea: OverDriveJS. OverDriveJS is a platform for distributing JavaScript directly to the end users. Normaly JavaScript is only used by webmasters or other developers. OverDriveJS enables user to decide which programs to load on the pages they visit rather than leaving that decision up to the webmasters. The user can for example load social media widgets or tools for displaying images in a gallery on a page.

The winner of TechCrunch Hackathon 2015 in London was the service FreeMe. The contribution from New Seed only won ticktets to entry to the main conference which was held the days following the Hackathon.

It was very interesting to compete and see what we could deliver in so short amount of time. We where impressed by our own contribution and it is already working as a fully functional service. Feel free to try OverDriveJS out on the pages you visit, you will find instructions of how to load it on OverDriveJS’s homepage.