For the past 11 years Øredev have organized a developer conference in Malmö. This year over 150 presentations where held over three days. New Seed attended Øredev and experienced lectures on everything from animations, database design to security and new technologies.

Val Head lectured about animation in different situations. What we especially took away from this is how to create meaningful animations to communicate the message you want to convey. By making use of Disney’s twelve basic principles of animation one can create movements that feel natural and vivid. The reason it is good to know these principles is that in addition to the creation of the animation you also get a common vocabulary to describe it with. Val Head also addressed how to apply animations for mobile devices where space is limited and where “ordinary” animations do not fit.

Aaron Gustafson talked about how to use new technologies when developing web interface while meeting users with older browsers. Through simple tips and tricks, everything can be backwards compatible, while you do not need to limit yourself. This can help New Seeds customers to reach more users who, for various reasons, do not support the latest technology.


Martin Kleppmann has worked at LinkedIn but is now a researcher at Cambridge. He described a new way to distribute databases by creating streams of data that subsystems can listen to and create indexes, caching and replication. This structure is suitable for systems with a lot of data and traffic. Using these concepts, we at New Seed are able to build scalable and maintainable databases.


Oren Eini described how NoSQL can be used to reduce the number of database calls and provide better performance in comparison with traditional relational databases. He showed by example how to design databases NoSQL in a beneficial way to avoid corruption of data. Moreover, he demonstrated how advanced queries in SQL can be performed more easily and with greater time efficiency using Map / Reduce functions.

This and much more we at New Seed learned during these three days. We have received a lot of inspiration and ideas for the future and look forward to using our new-found knowledge in the systems we build for our customers.