Our partner Elobina now looking for a web developer to help us to the next stage of development. New Seed has long supported Elobinas development and has been involved in producing their entire platform for on-demand production of unique and ecological fabric products.

Elobina have a very exciting future ahead and this we hope is the beginning of something big. We will start a textile revolution where everyone can create their own unique products. Currently there are two positions that we are in need of. You will also work closely with the New Seed’s team of experienced consultants.

WordPress developer:
Can you code PHP and WordPress to look and act exactly as you want? Elobina needs a web developer to help them with their own as well as partners websites. Development of themes (after the model of the designer) and plug-ins will be your main occupation.

JavaScript / Frontend:
Have you read “JavaScript: The Good Parts” and can know HTML5 like the back of your hand? Do you like to code JavaScript with a focus on interaction with other services (such as social media) and interaction with the users? Then you can join and help us make a world class product editor!

Go to Elobina directly or contact us at New Seed! We hope to hear from you!