They say that not since the second world war have so many refugees in the world. We are constantly being fed with horrible images and even worse stories of what is happening around us. There must be something we can do.

We at New Seed have chosen to donate 5000 SEK to UNHCR to support their efforts. We hope this gift will help some of the people on the run. Even if this may be a large sum of money for us to donate it is disconsolately small considering the need. We hope that our action will inspire others to do the same and contribute to organisations like UNHCR.

UNHCR encourages private persons to donate 255 SEK for a rescue package for someone in need. Most of us can afford such a contribution.

Today is friday. Let’s start the weekend with a good dead, donate money to the refugee catastrophe!

The image is from UNHCR, source.