It was an intense weekend, from 12:30 Saturday to 09:30 on Sunday New Seed participated in the TechCrunch Hackathon in London. It was for the third year in a row that New Seed participated in the competition where you should build a new product from scratch in about 24 hours.

This year New Seed built an app for creating augmented reality (AR) memories. The app works as a digital version of a padlock on a bridge or message in a bottle. You leave a message right where you are standing. For someone else to read it they have to come to the same spot. All memories are represented as stars in augmented reality.

Magnus Lindgren describes one of the use cases:

I have two young daughters at home. As I travel the world I think of them a lot. I want to leave “memory bottles” behind with memories. Years later when my daughters travel on their own, they can find these memories and feel a connection to me. Instant messages are instantly forgotten. This is the opposite.

We are proud of our contribution, but it was tough working for such a long time without sleeping. The presentation also went well, especially considering sleep deprivation, hard work and nervousness for presenting something in just 60 seconds! You can see the video in the old live feed below, our contribution starts at 58:15.

Our contribution to the hackathon won us tickets to the TechCrunch Disrupt that starts today in London.