Years of experience worth sharing

Magnus Lindgren at New Seed have many years of experience as a IT consultant. Web development: 16 år E-services: 14 år Mobile e-services: 10 år Technical freelance writer: 5 år App-development: 4 år There are many years of experience worth sharing, is there anything we could help you with?

A donation to Wikipedia

We use Wikipedia almost on a daily basis in our work. Of all the free services online few  requires so little in return as Wikipedia does. They do not require a login, personal details or overwhelms their visitors with advertising. It is as free as it can possibly get.

The idea that all the world’s knowledge should be freely available for everyone is a good idea. New Seed therefore choose to make a donation to the Wikimedia Foundation that runs Wikipedia. A small thank you for the great service that they provide for free to all of us.

Do you use Wikipedia often? A small donation helps to keep this resource alive and free for everyone! (more…) opens

Here at New Seed will open an english version of The original site is only available in Swedish but now we open the EU-site for our international clients. As with all webpages this site is still under construction.  To paraphrase George Orwell, some websites are more under construction Read more…