There are many ways to follow New Seed and receive updates of what we do. Pick the channel of your choice below. We post a little bit different content depending on channel.

RSS feed from New Seed – Check this website often or simply add the RSS feed to the news reader of your choice. On or website we will publish business related News.

New Seed on Facebook – Facebook is our most relaxed channel. Here is a mix of business news and funny updates. Feel free to join the conversation with us on Facebook.

New Seed on Twitter – Our Twitter activity is closely linked to our Facebook updates. Pick one of those channels since the content will roughly be the same. This means that on Twitter you will find some business news mixed with funny updates.

New Seed on Google+ – All companies who are serious about SEO must have a Google+ page. Sadly it is probably the least updated of our news channels – simply because there are few of our followers who are active on Google+.

New Seed on LinkedIn – On LinkedIn we mainly link to important posts from our webpage. Here you will get the selected and in our opinion important updates from New Seed.

New Seed on Instagram – On Instagram you will not find any direct business news. Here we try to convey our business in pictures. Follow us here and tell us which photos you like!