newseedqrIt all started with our own need to generate QR codes easy and fast, the result became an easy to use web service for creating QR codes.

This, generate as you type, service for QR codes is designed for ease of use. Since it generates the QR code as you type you will also notice how the complexity of the code increases with the amount of data. Short codes are therefore prefered since they are easier to scan and can have a higher error correction level if needed.

Feel free to use this service. Images cannot be hotlinked, you have to save them and upload them if you need to reuse them.

You can also use this service for fast transfer of say a phone number to your phone. Instead of mailing it to yourself and copying it from the smartphones e-mail client simply create a QR code and scan it!

If you find any other fun uses for it feel free to comment here!

Read more about QR codes on Wikipedia.