When Mark Zuckerberg said HTML5 wasn’t ready for app development Sencha took this as a challange. They created Fastbook – a pure HTML5 app that does exactly the same (and according to Sencha sometimes even better) than the native Facebook app does.

Sencha might have cut a few shortcuts while trying to impress with their Fastbook, but the bottom line is still that they accomplished in HTML5 what Mark Zuckerberg said could not be done.

We at New Seed agree with Sencha, HTML5 is ready for building top of the line applications for iPhone, Andoid, Windows Phone and others. With the use of libraries like PhoneGap, jQuery Mobile and Senchas own framework it can even become easy!

Native apps might still have an edge in some performance issues, especially with graphics heavy applications like games. In most apps however these issues are minor compared to the advantages that a multi platform HTML5 solution bring.

We are ready, we hope 2013 will bring many new exciting HTML5 apps!